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Korean Barbeque


Korean Barbeque is a wildly popular dining experience, both in Korea and in other countries, whether you are Korean or not. In general, it's hard not to enjoy well-cooked meat in excess. In South Korea, since the country is so small, meat can be very expensive. The US Meat Export Federation(yes, it's a real thing) recently stated that beef prices in South Korea are now the most expensive in the world. Because there is very little space, it's difficult to raise livestock and South Korea imports a good portion of their meat. As such, Koreans really value the meat they are able to get their hands on and enjoy it to the best of their abilities by making it into delicious marinated dishes, meat strips and other things.

Grilled Pork Belly


One pretty popular Korean BBQ dish is samgyeopsal(삼겹살) which is korean for grilled pork belly. In essence, it's kind of a fancier bacon. It's somewhat thicker than American bacon and has a really good flavor. It's not salty like American bacon. On its own it's just good meat but it's popular to dip it into a mixture of salt, pepper and sesame oil and that really enhances the flavor. Ultimately though, like I said, it's bacon and that means it is a small package of fatty and oily goodness. I personally really enjoy samgyeopsal. If I had white rice(like any good asian will) and a big plate of this dish, I could probably survive for a good month without eating anything else although I would probably eventually die of a heart attack from all the cholesterol.

Marinated Beef Slices


Marinated beef slices(불고기) or "fire meat" as a literal translation from Korean is an iconic Korean BBQ dish. It's called "fire meat" for a reason, beyond the fact that it is pretty fire. The dish is made up of thin slices of beef or in another iteration pork(돼지불고기) soaked in a soy sauce marinade. It's among the most basic Korean BBQ dishes you can get and one of the best too in my opinion. It's simple and cooks fast over a stove-top grill and if you ever go to eat Korean BBQ and don't eat this, I'd say that you're missing out.

Home Korean BBQ Soups and Stews Side Dishes